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TSX Volume Leaders Technical Analysis

Technical Charts and Commentary on Yesterday’s 10 Largest Share Volume Traders on the S&P/TSX.

COMMENT: We provide, on a rotating daily basis, our technical charts and opinions on the previous day’s ten largest volume leaders on the TSX, the NASDAQ, and the NYSE. All charts are based on End-Of-Day data, and do not take after-hours market activity into consideration.

For Wednesday, March 23, 2016, the S&P/TSX stocks, excluding ETFs and stocks with a share price less than $1.00, with the largest share volume trading numbers were as follows:

Bankers Petroleum

Bombardier Stk B

Kinross Gold

First Quantum Minerals

Baytex Energy


Pacific Rubiales Energy

Yamana Gold


Barrick Gold

Lake Shore Gold

– Source

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