S&P 500 – Call Options on the 1885 and 1900 verses the Puts

The Weekly chart on the 1900 CALL options for the S&P 500 started 2016 at $132 per contact and as of Friday (02/12/2016) they have deflated to $2.00 a contract. At this level, our risk is LOW at this double bottom. Learn how to trade index options for BIG profits on these weekly and monthly’s.

The S&P is down 230 POINTS for the year and the opportunity is here on these CALLS on the weekly. The 1880 CALLS and on the 1875 CALLS had a high on Thursday monthly of $30 and the low was $5.80 just a day later. We are looking at the CALL options, as the market is OVERSOLD and we are seeing a GREAT upside trade intraday.

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