20,000 Binary Options Subscribers!!! Part 1

I want my YouTube subscribers, for your amazing comments, motivation and dedication. Thank you for helping me create the most amazing binary options channel on YouTube! As a way to thank you, I am giving away $20,000!!! You better STAY TUNED for part 2!! It’s coming up in about a week! :)

Before I continue, Check out this Fiverr guy, he is amazing: Remember that this video is a parody and not a stereotype of any kind against Latinos. We have many members from Latin America and one of our admins is from Mexico! We have members from all over the world, literally!

Remember that in order to join our binary options group of 5,500+ members, you’re no longer required to register with one of my recommended binary options brokers. We recognize that many traders already have at least one account, so instead of charging money from new members or doing what most binary options signals services do, which is the broker registration requirement, you can now join us with a $25 donation to any charity organization you choose.

It’s very simple, donate the $25 and then send me the receipt to , I will then email you back an invitation and you’re in.

We are the fastest growing binary options group on Facebook, we received many great reviews and endorsements and you have nothing to lose. We are a big family, we got amazing admins and we’re ITM’ing while having a good time. If you don’t have a broker account yet, you can also register with one of my recommended brokers on the following page & submit the form to gain access:…

If you decide to go with a donation, I really encourage you to donate to A Little 4 A Lot, you can read more about them on the website and remember that $25 will get you into the best binary options community online and the donations are a great way to give back, this money is not going to me or used for any profits, it’s going for good causes and you are free to pick the charity you feel most comfortable to donate to.

Stay tuned for my next videos, I plan to go live again and post many new updates. The Binary options industry is evolving by the minute and I intend to keep you guys informed.

Please share your feedback and comments below! Let me know what you think about the group, about me, whatever’s on your mind and remember that I am available via email if you have any private questions related to any binary options matter or anything else.

There is a very big scam right now, Drexel Code and I get many emails from victims who signup with this bogus software, if you’re considering to join this website, please read this warning first:…

Many day-traders are reporting great results with Copy Buffett and BinaDroid, it’s not related to the group but I want to share an article that really explains the differences well in case it interests you.…

Thank you for watching this video and stay tuned for the 2nd part, you better join our group because I am handing out the $20,000 purely to my Facebook Signals Group members. If you are already a member of you can join my group without a donation, simply email me a confirmation and I’ll invite you to join us.

Thank you for subscribing and for helping me grow, I am proud to know that this is the biggest binary options channel on YouTube. We established a really amazing group, we work with, offer education, daily signals, webinars and everything you can expect from a binary options community that cares about members. I also reward the best traders with weekly bonuses, and do many giveaways to the entire group.

God Bless You All, and a special blessing for everyone who decides to donate $25, together we made and can continue impacting the lives of many people and help those who really need us! One Love!

Michael Freeman

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