Amali Mou Restaurant Utilizing Square at NYC’s UrbanSpace

Kylie Monagan, manager of modern Greek restaurant, Amali Mou, is one of 22 vendors at New York’s UrbanSpace, that utilizes Square’s payment technology. Monagan said that she appreciates the point-of-sale device and the time and attendance functionality because it is easy to use. ‘Square literally takes very little training if any at all,’ she said. ‘Employees ring up a guest, they punch in the order, similar to a screen at McDonald’s, it’s so simple. It’s very seamless, very easy to teach, and super intuitive.’ Monagan also says that the system helps with sales. ‘Every time a transaction is made, Square will email the guests and elicit feedback which is extremely helpful for us,’ she said. ‘In terms of ringing people in and guest interaction, it’s basically perfect right now.’ Seven years after Square started its company and less than a year after its initial public offering, the San Francisco-based payment processor is still fighting to differentiate itself in the payments industry, estimated to be over $2 trillion by 2020, while its stock has plummeted over 31% this year. But despite the falling stock price vendors like Monagan said that her business has seen the benefits.

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