Live w/Jim & Anna, Ep. 12: Retirement Requirements & Student Loans

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Live w/ Jim & Anna: Episode #12


4:57 – I sent a check to my bank, certified mail, and it got lost. It was to fund my payment to the IRS, due next week. What do I do?

7:10 – According to a new leg mason survey, the new magic number to be able to look at retiring is $2.5million. I ask, how could that even be? That would mean that 99% of Americans can no longer anticipate retirement, how would you comment on that?

11:00 – I want to take my R&D for this year. What do I sell?

17:22 – Can recent college grads and young professionals navigate and determine the priority of paying off their student loan debt and/or saving for emergency fund?

20:25 – At what point would someone consider accelerating payments for student loans to try and retire the debt early?




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